Yo yo!

I'm a music producer, cartoonist, and artist from Baltimore, MD, formerly residing in Seattle, WA from the mid-90s until 2017. In 1995, I released my first full album "Rock N Roll UFO" on AMP Records (Canada) with The Roswells, a small punk band who hailed from Moscow, ID! Long story how I ended up there, but being there was amazing. Anyhow, we broke up around 1997 so I ventured on to a mostly solo "career" and eventually formed The SexXy Boys. In 1999, we released our first self-titled album. In 2001, we released a follow-up called "Level With the Devil" followed by heavy touring throughout North America, all the while releasing a ton of singles, including a 7" that was released on the Out Of Tune Records punk label. In 2005, I reunited with Larry Reece and AMP Records, and we released "It's After Sick". This one was pretty special because we got to work with the legendary Kurt Bloch pushing the buttons at Egg Studios. Half my record collection came out of Egg and Kurt's fingerprints were all over the bulk of it. So needless to say we thought we really made the big time! Haha. I went on to play in a zillion bands and really had the time of my life before heading back to Baltimore in 2017. 

I've always been into drawing and design. Whether it was making flyers for tours and shows, or drawing funny characters to make people laugh, or even amuse myself. Probably hundreds of people told me over the years to focus a little and make my art available to the world. So... Finally, in 2022 I took them up on it. This store is for them. So have a look, check out my art, and if you're so inclined to make a purchase -- THANK YOU. And don't forget to check back often, as I'm constantly drawing up new designs.

-- Jimmy Flame